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My drug & alcohol work

My specialism as a therapist is in helping people explore their drink and drug use and helping you find where you are in change.

To do this we need to look at why your drinking & using has brought you to therapy.

I'm a qualified addiction specialist.

And I've been there myself, I know what it feels like & how to escape.

Therapy could be your choice or a loved one might be suggesting you get some help.

Both are fine!....but it's important we talk about that. I want to know how YOU feel about it.

To be able to work effectively together, we need a strong, trusting relationship, so that you can be honest without fear and this will come with me, quicker than you think, too.

I'm a person-centred therapist with a twist. That means I believe you know yourself better than I do, but I also understand that we sometimes need more intervention to know just what 'change' means, I'll look at this with you.

I will use different modalities to help us work through this, you may not notice - it's not a case of hop-on-the-coach, now sit-in-the-chair! Modalities like CBT, mindfulness & meditation, metacognitive therapy and motivational interviewing, all to help unravel and rebuild a much more manageable life. If you need help with 12 step work, we can do that too.

The approaches I will use will depend where you are in your journey, where you are with your trauma and pain and anxiety, but rest assured, you and your safety are the most important things and that will remain my priority throughout our time with each other.

Our work together will help you to move forwards in a positive way, we will look at coping, past and future, and fears around where you are now and what the future may hold.

When we put down the substance, we learn why we picked it up in the first place.

This is where the work is, and we'll do this safely, non-judgementally and in safe time, I've been through it and emerged, you can too.

Please get in touch

Whether you want to control your use or stop altogether, get in touch and start now

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