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Others' experiences of me

I feel very privileged to have walked side by side with some wonderful people as they worked through some really tough times.

Thank you for trusting in me.

Mother and Daughter Love

I have been sceptical about therapy. On my first session I found Ian to be really understanding. I felt better once I got the first session out of the way and I’m not sure why but I was able to really open up with Ian. I have made some massive discoveries about my “processes” as Ian calls them and have made positive changes within my life. 

I’m now no longer sceptical about therapy and am an advocate of it for family and friends.

Michael K.

I have had the privilege to experience Ian’s competent and compassionate counselling skills whilst being on the same masters degree course.  I would not hesitate to refer clients to Ian, he is a true professional with a solid training, open heart and mind and excellent relational skills that have allowed me to feel safe, secure, and at ease in our work together over the training.

Laura S.

Ian is so kind and caring and he helped me through a really tough part of my life. The time we spent together each week is something I will always cherish because I learnt so much about myself. I am so grateful for the help, thank you.

Michael M

Being a survivor of domestic abuse I emerged from those relationships full of fear/anxiety, shame and zero self esteem. In order to manage these emotions I turned to alcohol to cope, drinking up to two bottles of wine every evening. Ian’s relaxed, empathetic and non judgemental attitude allowed me to feel safe to open up and finally be honest about the difficulties in my life. I was allowed to explore certain areas of my life at my pace and develop new tools and coping mechanisms to deal with difficult emotions without the need to pick up a drink. As a result I now live a happy peaceful life free of alcohol. The positive impact of my sobriety has extended out to my family and other relationships. I am so grateful to Ian, his warmth and compassion is what allowed me to talk openly for the first time ever without the fear of being judge. I cannot thank him enough.

Anna J.

Ian is a warm, non judgemental and kind man with a wealth of counselling knowledge. He put me at ease during time in my life when I needed a guiding hand. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Ian again or recommend his services.

Alison L

I was nervous about going for counselling, but the best thing about working with Ian was that he kept things really simple and just focussed on what was going on for me and what I needed. He created the space I needed to look at things differently and was always so kind and supportive. I'd highly recommend reaching out to him.

Dominic M.

If you are going through a tough time and looking for some support, then I totally recommend getting in touch with Ian to see how he can help. You will find that Ian is a really good counsellor who makes it easy to talk through your problems and make sense of situations. Very warm and genuine therapist.

Liz S.

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